Looking for Fundraising Ideas? Ch’i Loves Goody Bags!

Looking for Fundraising Ideas? Ch’i Loves Goody Bags!

Looking for fundraising ideas or got an event coming up where you plan on providing guests with goody bags?

Then we want to hear from you!

Why Ch’i?

Everyone loves a goody bag. They’ve become a “must have” of any event. If you’re in charge of filling the goody bag with ideas, why not surprise your guests with something familiar and still a bit different.?


Ch’i products are created from 100% REAL ingredients in New Zealand, and we feel very comfortable helping real people working for their community.

Are We A Good Fit?

As much as we’d like to spread the good Ch’i far and wide, we wouldn’t have much of a business if we just gave all our product away, so we need to ensure it works for both of us!

This year we’re interesting in working with:

  • Community groups actively raising funds
  • Events that build community links*
  • Activities that showcase up and coming creative talent
  • Events that promote healthier lifestyle choices

We prefer groups with an active facebook page, but this is not essential.

*Please note that we do not currently support sports teams or sporting events.


What We Require

If we agree to supply your event with promotional product, we only have two simple requests:

1. If at all possible, we would love it if you could add the Ch’i products to the goody bag chilled, so your guests can enjoy them at their very best.

We appreciate this may be problematic if you don’t have a fridge and we understand that chilli-bins with ice will only make everything else in the goody bag wet!

2. You agree to provide us with at least 4 good quality digital photos within 48 hours of your event, so we can use them on our website and Facebook Page.

3. If you have an active facebook page for your group, please “like” us at www.facebook.com/chidrinks.com before submitting your application.

And One More Thing…

Please make sure you’ve got your request to us at least 4 weeks before your event. Sometimes we’ll need to pull a few favours ourselves to help you out, so the more lead in time, the better!

Please complete and hit the submit button.

Goody Bag Request
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Yes, I agree to provide Ch'i with photos within 48 hrs of the event closure & grant permission for them to be used at the discretion of Ch'i management.


We’ll be in touch shortly!

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